Yup, that was a genuine request from a client)

In their eyes, ‘Animal Communicator’ = ‘magic wand bearer’. 🧙‍♀️

Now, don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to run around waving a magic wand, fixing everyone’s problems… (kind of!)

…but animal communication is NOT a magic wand, and it certainly does NOT involve telling animals what to do, and what not to do.

Just being able to TALK to an animal doesn’t always mean I can change their behaviour. (Sometimes, yes, but not always.)

Being able to talk, and listen, to animals, means that I can give them a chance to explain THEIR side of the story.

HOWEVER, using the example above. I cannot go to a cat and ask it:

“Why are you acting like an arse?”

…because in its eyes, it’s acting that certain way in response to something, or because it simply loves doing it.

So, first I would find out from the person, what their definition of ‘acting like an arse’ is:

🤡Is it running around like a loon as soon as the lights are turned off?

🤡Is it chewing the furniture?

🤡Is it howling at the moon?

🤡Is it biting your nose as you sleep?

Once I’ve defined the behaviour, I can then ask the cat:

📞 “What are you thinking when you run around when the lights go off?”

📞”What are you thinking when you chew the furniture?”

📞”What are you thinking when you howl at the moon?”

📞”What are you thinking when you bite your mum’s nose when she’s sleeping?”

*I tend to ask “what are you thinking” rather than “why” as it’s easier for them to explain what goes through their head as they’re doing something, than giving you a reason for it.

Once we know these answers, we can all move forward.

Either I work with the guardian and the animal to come to some sort of agreement, OR I recommend the person contacts a behaviourist to work through it with the animal.

🌠 But they can now do this with an understanding of WHY the animal acts a certain way, so the behavioural changes come with taking the animal’s perspective into account.

🌠… and how much more receptive are we to behaviour changes, if our views are taken into account?

DM me to find out how you can deepen your understanding of your animal â™¥ï¸