If you’re here, you’re an animal lover. Would you like to take your relationship to a deeper level? 

Animal communication can help you answer the following questions…

  • Is there anything that I can do to make you more comfortable? 
  • Are you happy and do you feel safe? 
  • Why do you behave the way that you do? 
  • How do you feel about the people in your household?
  • How do you feel about the other animals? 
  • Is there anything that scares you and how can I make that better for you? 

Gain a valuable insight into how your animal feels, and what it thinks about its life.

Then you’ll know, without a doubt, that you’re doing the absolute best for your animal.

And that’s what being an animal guardian is all about, isn’t it?

General Readings Session Formats

There are TWO formats – the only difference is what happens AFTER I speak to your animal. 

Email Feedback

If you’d just like a record of the session and are happy to ask any clarifying questions via email, this is the option for you.

“Colleen’s written report has helped to enhance the bond that already existed between me and Pistache.  It was everything I had hoped for and more; highly professional, clear and written with both sensitivity and understanding.  The presentation, with photos, made this a document I treasure and read over and over again.”   

Video Chat Feedback

The video chat is much more detailed because, as I relate the session back to you, you get to hear inflections in my voice as I describe things, you’ll hear (and see) animated descriptions of scenarios, and you can ask clarifying questions on the spot, leading to a much more vivid and detailed session.

The session lasts approximately 60 minutes. You receive the full transcript document after the chat

Please note, there is currently a 2-week waiting list.
If you require your readings WITHIN this time, they will incur a 30€ surcharge,
EXCEPT for transitioning animals.

If you think you’d have trouble coming up with questions to ask, here are some examples.

The Readings

You get to ask roughly 12 questions (per session), or I can pick some from my standard list.

One reading is ideal for getting to know your animal; and asking specific questions about how they feel and think about their life. (Email Feedback 90€ / Video Feedback 135€)

Two readings are ideal if you’d like a follow-up session after your first session to measure progress or change. Also, great if you have 2 animals and want 1 session for each of them. (Email Feedback 170€ / Video Feedback 255€)

Three readings are ideal if you’d like a general check-in with an animal over a period of time (3 sessions) or great if you have 3 animals and want 1 session for each of them. (Email Feedback 245€ / Video Feedback 365€)

Four readings are ideal if you’d like a general check-in with an animal over a period of time (4 sessions) or great if you have 4 animals and want 1 session for each of them. (Email Feedback 310€ / Video Feedback 465€)

I knew my rescues were abused, but their pasts were a mystery… Until I met Colleen. I was a little sceptical, I scheduled a session for her to “meet with” my oldest and longest-tenured dog. She knew nothing about him, his past, or any details beyond his name and the 2 pictures I sent. She blew me away with the accuracy of her reading –his personality, his history, his mannerisms — it was spot on, and something she couldn’t have made up or guessed. It wasn’t like a vague horoscope.

E. Taylor – U.S.A.

Read my ‘Terms and Conditions’.

Details for bookings, refunds and cancellations can be found in Section 6.