“I wanted to let you know that Phoebe was as calm as I’ve ever seen her at the vet. She was happy but not panting as much and walked with the vet tech when they took her for exam. Usually, she has to be carried. When vet brought her back Phoebe calmly relaxed on floor while the vet and I discussed next steps.

I think you explaining to her what was going to happen really helped.

She might need some tests in a few months and I think it would be so helpful for you to explain what is going to happen.

I’ll reach out when that happens. Thank you so much.”

K. S.

“I contacted Colleen to connect with a horse that had very suddenly lost her companion and also to connect with the horse that had passed on, so I knew they were both ok and understood what was happening. The information that Colleen picked up was spot on and so reassuring for all involved. Colleen helped D. through the shock of losing her friend and answered D’s questions about the future. D was visibly more at peace after the conversation. Colleen then connected with E. to make sure she had transitioned ok. Such a difficult time, but made a little easier by the loving, continued support from Colleen. Such a beautiful soul.”
J. W.

“I was trying to go back and tally how many readings Colleen facilitated for my pet crew, and I actually lost track because there are soooo many!
I found Colleen on LinkedIn in mid-2023 just days before my beloved cat, Buster, passed away. Since then, Colleen has become a lifeline and a friend. She deeply cares about each animal as a unique individual, and it is evident how she is intrinsically invested in their stories, well-being, and helping them thrive both here as well as after transitioning.
I hospice adopted two super senior cats, and I don’t think I would’ve been able to emotionally handle both of their recent losses within weeks of each other without Colleen.
She communicated with both of them when they came home late last year, and I had each of them chat with her when I thought their lives might be nearing an end. Colleen spoke to both of them after they transitioned as well, and these 6 communications helped me harness resiliency, ease and acceptance knowing that I can continue to communicate with them even though they’re no longer physically here.
Colleen even went above and beyond and talked to Buster twice in conjunction with my hospice cats’ communication sessions (there are some interesting connections – long story 😊!) Colleen didn’t have to do that at all, but she genuinely cares and wants to share our pets’ stories, connections, and all their tiny details that make them who they are.
I could write so much more because Colleen has incredibly helped my pet family, but I’ll save those anecdotes for my next review!
Thank you a million, Colleen!
♥️Rebecca (and Buster, Tater Tot, Cookies n’ Cream, and Strawberry Shortcake)”

R. Schwartz, USA

“I couldn’t be happier or more impressed with what Colleen provided, and I feel like this information has enabled me to be even closer with my dogs and provide them a better daily experience and existence. Thank you, Colleen.”

E. Taylor – U.S.A.

“Colleen’s professionalism and remarkable talent make her an unquestionable choice for anyone seeking a deeper connection with their furry companions.”

J. Austin – U.S.A.

“It’s such a gift to hear the unmistakeable voice of your pet and to gain a deeper understanding of their world. It’s just an added bonus that Colleen is such a delight to work with.”

Lindsey P.

“Overall, the reading was exactly what I was hoping for and more!! I was so surprised at the detail and the in-depth quality of his answers to what was asked. Your interpretations, when not a direct quote, reflected his personality but went further to reveal aspects of his character that I had no idea existed. I now look at Tim from a completely different perspective and from his answers, I can now tailor-make my time with him to suit his needs and wants. A real game-changer for our relationship!” 

E. Alston-Beale, France

“I was referred to Colleen by a friend who had just lost her cat. She did not disappoint! I read through the transcript and I have no doubts that she connected with my Opie. So much of what she said made total sense to me. I highly recommend her. I hope to use her again to communicate with Opie sometime in the future. Thank you for easing my mind. Because of you, I know he is ok.”

T. Edwards – U.S.A.

“Colleen’s ability to communicate with animals is incredible! My Maverick shared with Colleen personal things that I did not tell her prior to their session. I was able to learn so much about him that helps me understand him better. I definitely feel more connected to him and our bond is stronger than ever. I absolutely recommend booking a session with Colleen if you have/had a pet. I’m confident you’ll be glad you did.”

L. Sutton – U.S.A.

“That was absolutely beautiful! Thank you again. You brought me more peace than I can express.”

A. Boyer, USA

“Since we had our meeting with you, Colleen, our sweet kitty Piper is back to her sweet self. We are so grateful to you for helping us restore peace in our house again.”

Morgan A. – U.S.A.

“My furbaby, Blitz, passed away quite suddenly and I needed closure. We reached out to Colleen in desperation, and she was a God-send.”

D. Santos – U.S.A.

“Working with Colleen was wonderful… She was thorough, inquisitive and insightful… We appreciate Colleen and all she shared with us about our boy!.”

A.S. – U.S.A.

“I have reflected. It’s a hard concept to get your head around, someone talking to your animal after it has gone, left you, passed to who knows where. I feel a sense of the truth in this and It has given me comfort for sure. I do feel I have communicated with Timmy via Colleen.
I can highly recommend Colleen, she is sensitive, kind, plausable. I feel she is the real deal. Not only did she validate, she was so beautifully lovely and she made me feel like I had spoken with my animal for the very last time. Thank you Colleen, you have a gift. You found me some peace x”

S. Fells – U.S.A

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