My name is Colleen

I grew up in South Africa and have lived in 3 other countries (England, Germany and Thailand) before settling in France, where I live with my husband, and an ever-changing number (currently 6) of cats.  

We (as in my husband and I, not the cats and I) are converting an old stone barn into our forever home. When I am not working, I can be found playing in the veg patch; reading, or cooking. Or feeding cats. I am always feeding cats. 

I became a Reiki Practitioner back in 2015 and have worked at my home, in a yoga retreat, and also travelled remotely to client’s houses. I received my Reiki Master, and Crystal Reiki Master, qualifications in 2020. I find distance Reiki works particularly well for animals and often use it in communication sessions. 

I wish I could entertain you with stories of how I grew up talking to animals and that I’m a real doctor Doolittle, but the reality is, that’s not how it happened. 

It happened by accident… 

Jon And I

I discovered I could do it during a remote Reiki session I was doing with a cat in America way back in 2019. A vivid picture popped into my head of a tall bay window with long mustard curtains and a window seat. After the session I mentioned it to the owner and to my surprise she said I’d described their lounge window and the window seat was the cat’s favourite place to sleep.  

I was blown away and realised the image could only have come from the cat so I threw myself into lots of reading, study and research and eventually did a course where I discovered I could do it really well – much more than I was expecting. 

I decided to go professional in 2022, and haven’t looked back! It’s the most humbling and rewarding ‘work’ that I do… 

I am also Tarot Teacher; freelance, published writer; cat collector; chocolate eater; and avid reader. 

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My Certifications

(‘Setchell’ was my maiden name.)