Hi, I’m Colleen

I talk to animals – what would yours say? 

If you’re here, you’re an animal lover. But how can you give your animal its best life, when you don’t know what they’re thinking or feeling?

Take the guesswork out of the relationship with your animal. Find out exactly what they want and need. 

It’s frustrating when you don’t understand your companion’s behaviour.  What if you knew the feelings behind your animal’s behaviour and had a chance to address it? 

It’s worrying when you don’t know if your elderly animal is ready to transition or not? You’re frightened you’ll make ‘THAT decision’ at the wrong time. Ask your animal how it feels about transitioning and ask if it feels ready.  

You’re desperate to convince your rescue dog that it’s safe and has found its forever home.  Explain that it is safe and describe the life that it could look forward to with you.

I speak to all species: cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises, rats, birds, snakes, unicorns, etc.

What do you want to find out about your animal?

Woman talking to horse

Colleen’s ability to connect with animals was truly astounding. Not only did she accurately convey a multitude of details, but she also provided new and fascinating information that I hadn’t come across before. As someone who has had numerous animal communication sessions in the past, I must say that Colleen’s session surpassed all my expectations and was undoubtedly the best I’ve ever had.

J.A. – U.S.A.

How the communication process works

The process (and prices) are dependent on the package and the method of delivery.

There are 2 options:
1. I do the communication session and EMAIL the transcript of the conversation to you or
2. I do the communication session and we book a VIDEO session to go through it in detail, after which you receive the transcript via email.
The number of questions you can ask is dependant on the size of reading you purchase. The communication work is done remotely using only a photo.

After your purchase, you will be taken to a landing page where you confirm that you are the guardian of the animal. This page also explains what happens next, what photos to send, etc.

If you’ve chosen the EMAIL FEEDBACK, a date is scheduled and you are informed. Neither you nor the animal need to be present for this, I work solely off the photo that you have sent.

If you have chosen the VIDEO FEEDBACK option, a date is scheduled and you are informed THEN I will send you my Calendly link so that you can schedule a slot with me to go through the results of that communication session.

Nothing is required of you, or your animal, during the communication time.
At the scheduled communication time, I will connect with the animal, ask your questions and type up a transcript as I go. This document can be anywhere from 3-5 pages, depending on how chatty the animal is, their personality, the circumstances, and nature of the questions and their answers.

If you have chosen the EMAIL FEEDBACK option, I will email you the transcript by the end of the scheduled date. You can ask any clarifying questions about the transcript via email.

If you have chosen the VIDEO FEEDBACK, we will go through the session transcript during our scheduled video slot and you can ask any clarifying questions immediately. After our chat, I email you the transcript document.

And that’s it! An easy process to learn more about your animal companion. Choose from the options below:

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For general enquiries about your animal and how it feels about its life. 

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Ensure your animal has what it needs in the time leading up to its transition.

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Rainbow Bridge Readings

Connect with your animals that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

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Support with house moves, new babies, new animals, vet appointments, and more.