Most of us have lost an animal at some point in our lives; that raw heartache when an animal leaves us.

  • A childhood animal that was always there for you when others weren’t… 
  • An animal that helped you find yourself after a relationship breakup? 
  • An animal that was your beloved companion for many years. 

But now they’re gone. Do you wish you could still talk to them?

Are you consumed by thoughts about what you could have done differently for your animal before they passed?  

How would you feel hearing what you animal wants to say to you, even from beyond the Rainbow Bridge? 

Animal communication can help…

Dave Hoefler Methwoyzszk Unsplash

I can talk to your animals across the Rainbow Bridge and ask them all those things that you’ve been thinking about, and they, in turn, can pass on any messages they have for you. 

Please note, it is customary to wait at least TWO weeks after the animal has passed before communicating with it. This is to give it time to settle.

Rainbow Bridge Session Formats

There are TWO formats – the only difference is what happens AFTER I speak to your animal. 

Email Feedback

If you’d just like a record of the session and are happy to ask any clarifying questions via email, this is the option for you.

“One aspect I particularly appreciated about Colleen’s service was the comprehensive write-up she provided after the session. This eliminated the need for me to frantically take notes while trying to absorb the information being relayed. I find myself frequently revisiting the write-up to further absorb and reflect upon the insights she shared.”  

Video Chat Feedback

The video chat is much more detailed because, as I relate the session back to you, you get to hear inflections in my voice as I describe things, you’ll hear (and see) animated descriptions of scenarios, and you can ask clarifying questions on the spot, leading to a much more vivid and detailed session.

The session lasts approximately 60 minutes. You receive the full transcript document after the chat

Please note, there is currently a 2-week waiting list.
If you require your readings WITHIN this time, they will incur a 30€ surcharge.

If you think you’d have trouble coming up with questions to ask, here are some examples.

The Readings

You have a selection of choices depending on the depth of the feedback you require.

Premium (Video feedback option)   145€
The ‘Premium Video’ reading gives you the opportunity to ask 15 questions in total.

Upon completion of the communication session, you and I have a video conference to discuss the results of the reading which means you get not only the transcript of the communication session I had with your animal, but also a more detailed (and animated) account of the session as we go through it together during the video conference.

You can ask questions as we go or ask me to explain things in more detail.

If you’d like to order 2 to cater for multiple animals or readings, please enter PREMIUMVIDEO12 at the checkout to get a 12% discount

Standard (Email feedback option)   95€
The ‘Standard Email’ reading gives you the opportunity to ask 15 questions in total.

Upon completion of the communication session, I email you the transcript of the reading and you’re welcome to ask any clarifying questions via email.

If you’d like to order 2 to cater for multiple animals or readings, please enter STANDARDEMAIL10 at the checkout to get a 10% discount

Mini (Email feedback option)   50€
The ‘Mini’ reading gives you the opportunity to ask 8 questions in total.

This reading is best used as a follow-up reading, as quite often 5 questions isn’t sufficient detail for a ‘first-time’ reading. Consider the ‘Standard’ or ‘Premium’ reading for first time readings.

Fast Track   30€
Please note, there is currently a 2-week waiting list so if you require your readings WITHIN this time, they will incur a 30€ surcharge PER reading.

Click here to add the ‘FastTrack‘ product to your basket. Remember to speak to me first to make sure I can accommodate you at the short notice.

Pet Bereavement Counselling

Grief in our lives is always hard to deal with and quite often people feel that the loss of an animal hits them harder than losing people.

I know personally, and recommend, Helen Bell, a registered counsellor who has had her own animals and has therefore experienced both the joy and loss of being an animal guardian

Helen is a ‘person-centered’ counsellor and registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. She offers support to adults via online, phone, or in-person sessions for local clients. Her expertise encompasses various challenges including anxiety, low self-esteem, life transitions, relationship and work-related issues, bereavement, and grief. Additionally, she specializes in assisting clients coping with the loss of their beloved pet companions.

She discovered that finding support in this area was often challenging, leaving so many people to silently bear their grief, overlooked and unacknowledged. The loss of a pet can catch us off guard, leaving us struggling with unexpected grief.

She aims to provide a safe space for you to express your emotions, where your loss is acknowledged and validated. She offers a free initial informal chat online to ensure that the client/counsellor relationship is a good fit.

If you would like to contact her and find out more, visit her website site at

A blonde haired, smiling lady, wearing a cream top with a dark pink coloured shawl.
A woman with long hair smiles in the background while a cat in the foreground looks serious.

I can’t express in words how much peace of mind it brought us to be able to share final words with our girl even after she left this physical world.”

Lindsay P.

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