Sometimes the situation isn’t ‘standard’ and you need something tailored.

Are you expecting a baby and would like to let your animal know what’s going on and that they will still be very much loved? 

Is your animal having an operation soon and you’d like to explain what will happen and how long they will be away from home? 

Are you going away on vacation and leaving your animal(s) in a kennel, cattery or with a pet sitter, and want to tell them how long you’re away for and when you’ll be back? 

Are you moving house, or even countries and are about to subject your animal to long distance travel and need to explain to them what will happen during their journey? 

All of these things could potentially cause additional stress for what is already a stressful situation.  

It might not warrant the need for my ‘standard’ 12-question approach and needs a more tailored approach geared for the specific situation. 

Contact me and tell me about your situation and what is required, and I will draw up a bespoke quote individually tailored to your situation and budget. Please note that there is currently a 2-week wait list.

Animal Communication Session Formats

There are TWO formats – the only difference is what happens AFTER I speak to your animal. 

Email Feedback

If you’d just like a record of the session and are happy to ask any clarifying questions via email, this is the option for you.

Video Chat Feedback

The video chat is much more detailed because as I relate the session back to you.

You get to hear inflections in my voice as I describe things, you’ll hear (and see) animated descriptions of scenarios, and you can ask clarifying questions on the spot leading to a much more vivid and detailed session. 

The session lasts approximately 60 minutes. You receive the full transcript document after the chat. 

Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Please note, there is currently a 2-week waiting list.
If you require your readings WITHIN this time, they will incur a 30€ surcharge.

Colleen was recommended to me to prepare my two dogs when we relocated from Australia back to the US in 2023.  Colleen did an awesome job, preparing my two fur babies and communicating with them every step of the way from being collected by the Pet Transport Company to their flights, including take-off, landing and then being delivered to my friend in LA.  If you need someone to communicate with your fur baby for any reason whatsoever, I highly recommend her.

K. Orford – U.S.A.

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