A cat communicates with a laptop
Graphic about Animal Communication talk in Cativity Facebook Group

Cativity Facebook Group

I gave a talk in the Facebook Group ‘Cativity Box – The purrfect UK community for people that love cats 😸 ❤️’ to chat about animal communication.

Westies And Besties Magazine

Interviewed by Westies and Besties Magazine

I was approached by editor, Kim Latham, to be interviewed. She sent me some really fabulous questions and the article was published in the March edition of the magazine.

A graphic advertising the interview/podcast that I did with Anke Herrman about animal communication

Soul Touched by Dogs

I was interviewed by the lovely Anke Herrman for her site and podcast, “Soul Touched by Dogs.”

Soul Touched by Dogs is for dog lovers and celebrates the human-canine connection and advocates for holistic approaches to dog health and training.

The Initiates

Spiritual Lifestyle Magazine

I was asked by spiritual medium, TV presenter, teacher and lecturer, TJ Higgs to host a regular column on animal communication in her recent magazine launched a January 2024.

My column is called ‘Paws and Reflect’. Readers can send photos animals in and a few are chosen for an animal communication reading. These are published along with the feedback from the animal’s guardians.

The Initiates

Pagan Dawn

I have worked as a freelance writer in the past and decided to renew my passion for writing. I have had one particle published in the Imbolc edition of the Pagan Dawn magazine, with another one due in the Lammas edition of 2024.

The Initiates

The Initiates Podcast

Here, I share the journey of discovering my gifts, and the beautiful spiritual bond between pets and their people. We also touch on some hard topics, like the impact of past traumas on our pets, and the difficult and emotional process of deciding when it’s time to allow a pet to pass.

It’s a celebration of our profound connection with animals, and an important reminder to cherish and connect with all of the animals in your life.

Guest On ‘email And Coffee’

Guest on ‘Email and Coffee’ YouTube Channel, September 2023 

I had a GREAT time chatting with Joi Brooks on her YouTube channel ‘Email and Coffee’. “Email and Coffee | A Digital Café” is a recorded hour of shared, enthusiastic, unsponsored, video inspiration. 

We laughed a lot, and chatted about all things animal-related. 

Scotty Dog Blog

Scotty’s Cartoons UK – Blog Feature, June 2023 

I was interviewed by dog cartoonist, Helen ‘Scotty’ King of ‘Scotty’s Cartoons’ in the UK.  

We had a fabulous chat over a few weeks which resulted in a blog post series on her website.

Click the links below to read each blog post.

Guest On ‘animal Talk Youtube Channel

Guest on ‘Pet Talk’ with Ana Isabel and Teddy, May 2023

Colleen Kersey is an animal communicator. In this conversation she shares her experiences of conversations with animals and what she’s learned from them.

Connexion Newspaper

The Connexion (English newspaper in France), April 2023

I was selected to be featured in a ‘Career Change’ series. It’s unfortunately a ‘subscriber’ only article on the website, but the link is below and you can read the article if you’re a subscriber. 

Mil Photography

One Last Magical Adventure

Chris Miller, a certified Pet Loss Grief Specialist and a Licentiate (LSWPP) from The Societies of Photographers, delivers photography that celebrates the relationship you have with your animal and preserves permanent memories to be treasured forever.  

I am honoured to be included in his ‘network of additional support and services‘ in my role as ‘Animal Communicator’.