There are 4 words that break my heart 💔 in my animal communication business.

Do you know what they are?

“I wish I had…”

I often chat with people and they tell me all about their animals being elderly or sick:

🐶 My dog is 13…

🐱 My cat is 19 and has kidney failure

🐶 My dog is 15 and has been really ill recently

🐱 My cat has cancer…

I want to squeal for them to book a communication session NOW 😲

📍 Ask your animal what it needs in its current condition

📍Ask it how it feels about dying and if it has any requests as to how it wants to go

📍Ask if it’s in pain or uncomfortable

📍Ask it if it wants to do anything before it transitions

📍And more importantly, tell it how much it means to you, how much of a difference it’s made in your life, and how much of a hole they will leave when they go.

📍And receive an equally emotional message from the animal of how much it loves YOU, how much of a difference you have made in THEIR life, and how much they will miss you.

Don’t leave it too late. 😟

Don’t say, “I wish I had spoken to them when I had the chance.”

DM me today if you have an elderly or sick animal – say what you have to say, before it’s too late 😔

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