In the last few months, I have been exposed to many animals that have passed 😔

Sadly, this is part of what I do, and it saddens me greatly, for both animal AND person.

However, yesterday as I was cuddling two small kittens who came from a littler of 4 that was dumped on a friend’s doorstep at just under 4 weeks old, a few months ago, I was reminded of something… 🤔

When I first started studying Animal Communication, I watched (many!) webinars and I remember this particular lady talking about a litter of tiny kittens that she’d happened upon, and sadly in the end, none of them survived…

But one in particular, had hung on longer than the others and the lady tried to communicate with it, obviously expressing her sadness at how the others had passed, and acknowledging how much this little one was struggling…

The kitten told her, “It’s not how LONG you’ve lived, but how WELL you’ve lived.”

She was reminding this lady how much kindness, love and comfort these kittens had received from her, since they were found.

They had no concept of their lives being ‘short’ – all they knew, was the kindness that they had received.

And for that, they were grateful.

So when you lose your animals, always remember this – it’s not how LONG they lived with you, but how WELL they lived with you.

I hope that brings you some comfort 🤗