Did you know that I am an animal medium AS WELL AS an animal communicator?

“What does that mean exactly, Colleen?” 🤔

Well, it means I can talk to animals that have passed, animals in spirit.

I have had many profound communications with animals in spirit but the most remarkable one I remember, which still gives me shivers, was a cat I spoke to.

I’d had a lovely session with it and, as always, at the end of every session, I ALWAYS ask the animal if it would like to say anything.

The cat simply replied, “I see you.”

I remember thinking it was odd – was it in the room with me??

I asked the cat, “What do you mean, “I see you.”?”

And again, the cat simply said, “I see you.”

I know that all the messages that I receive from animals aren’t always going to make sense to me, because I’m not the client, so I added the statement to the client’s document, and ended the session.

When I had the video feedback with the client, (where we go through the whole conversation transcript together via video conference), I got to the end, and told the client I had asked the cat if they had anything to say, and they’d answered, “I see you.”

The client started to cry.

Oh… It DID mean something – of course it did, the animal knew it did and that’s why it didn’t have to explain.

The client explained that every night, she would go to bed, kiss the cat on the head and say, “I see you, I love you.”

Did you just get goosebumps? I know I did.

Do you have an animal in spirit that you’d like to connect to? What would they say to you?

Get in touch with me to find out…

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