“I don’t really believe in Animal Communication. It’s a load of old hogwash.”

This was the reaction of someone I spoke to recently and it made me sad, but then again, I can completely understand. 🤷‍♀️

It DOES sound strange. It DOES sound impossible.

But… 🤔

But what if it wasn’t?

🐶 Like the time I told a client her dog was telling me it had a padlock on its neck and she pulled the dog’s shaggy mane out the way to revel a little GPS tracker box on the collar. The dog was known for running away = padlock.

😺 The time I told a client her cat showed me a picture of him fiddling with her hair and she confirmed he always used to stick his nose in her hair

🐶 A dog explained to me what his life was like before he found his forever home – he told me, he’d “wet himself again and the man wasn’t pleased.” The client told me the dog was rescued from a hoarding situation with 50 other dogs and that he had urine burns on his feet.

😺 A cat (in spirit) who showed me he used to put his paw on his mum’s arm or leg (I couldn’t QUITE make it out from the image I was getting) and the lady told me she was a writer and the cat used to lie on her desk next to her laptop with his paw on her arm.

🐶 I asked a dog how he was feeling and there was such immense sadness in my chest and the immediate knowing that he was grieving in some way. I asked the client for details and she confirmed, their other dog had died recently.

🐶 I asked the same dog what made him sad and he answered “Not enough time” and that there was “still much to be done”. Sadly, he passed away a few weeks later. 😢

🐶 Another dog told me it had some discomfort around its rear-end, and the client confirmed it had had its anal glands cleaned the previous day.

😺 and of course my FAVOURITE story which kicked off my whole animal communication journey, the day I described someone’s lounge in great details when I’d never even been there!

I could go on and on but one thing is obvious…

Animal Communication is not a load of old hogwash.

It’s real.

What do YOU believe?