Losing a pet is hard – some would argue that it’s harder than losing a family member, and in some cases it most definitely is.

The love from an animal is pure and no matter how long we have with that particular animal, our lives are changed for the better because of it.

Perhaps that’s why it’s so hard coming to terms with their loss. I have spoken to a few animals in spirit just recently, whose people are genuinely suffering on a deep heart-felt level and feel the loss of that animal as overwhelming emotion.

I’ve had many people ask me what they can do to feel that animal’s presence again and how they can recognise the signs from their pet after they have gone.

So I have decided to write this blog post in an attempt to answer some of those questions and I hope that it goes SOME way to helping people in their time of grieving.

An old dog rests his weary head on a log
  1. So, the first question is, does Rainbow Bridge exist?
    I’ll be honest, in all the readings that I have done with transitioned animals, not once have they described the stereo-typical image of a Rainbow Bridge HOWEVER, each animal I have spoken to, has described a different scene. One cat spoke about a deeply content and happy feeling whilst under an enormous fruit tree; another cat was lounging in long grass in sunshine and a dog was running across a field of grass surrounded by hills, with a running stream below. Another animal was walking along a cobbled street, and yet another was curled up on a chair with a soft blanket.
    Whilst I don’t believe that an actual Rainbow Bridge exists, it is certain that animals are SOMEWHERE and always, WITHOUT FAIL, feel light and deeply joyous.
  2. The most common question people ask me is, “Is my pet okay?”
    Every single animal I have spoken to is indeed okay. In fact, they seem to take on some sort of ‘ascended master’ quality and what I mean by that is that they suddenly have this greater understanding of the big picture of what their purpose in life was, why they passed, what they taught and what they learnt.
    They are always okay, like I said in the previous answer, they always feel light and deeply joyous.
  3. I also get asked, “Will my animal forget me when they’ve crossed?”
    This is such a sad question and I feel it goes a long way to contribute to one’s grief. They NEVER forget you; their soul has connected with your soul and that connection is permanent and doesn’t go away just because they are in spiritual form. That connection is always there – they remember, and often describe, memories, feelings and emotions, and things from their past. I’ve had a few animals who brought things up from their lives with their people that their people had forgotten. But the animals, they never forget.
  4. Do they show signs from ‘the other side’
    Absolutely, yes. Quite often when I talk to animals that are JUST ABOUT to transition, we will ask them what signs they will show from the other side so we can be ready. They don’t feel uncomfortable telling us this, it’s done in a “See, I’ll still be with you” sort of attitude.
  5. What can stop you from seeing these signs?
    One animal told it’s person, “Your grief blinds you” and that’s really important because sometimes we get so absorbed by our grief that we don’t notice ‘things out of the ordinary’ happening around us so PLEASE bear this in mind. The more open you are and the more accepting you are that the signs WILL appear, the more you will see them.
    Don’t let anyone tell you you’re being ‘silly’ or ‘childish’. This is between YOU and your ANIMAL and no one can take that away from you.
  6. What signs can you expect?
    There are SO many signs, and some would really shock and surprise you. Let’s just say that ANYTHING can be used as a sign, so don’t be too ready to say, “Well, THAT can’t be it!” because if something odd has happened, pay attention to it.
    Here are some examples of signs that animals have shown their people:
    6.1 VISUAL – any visual things so anything that you see that is odd and out of the ordinary. For example, a cloud that looks the same shape as your pet; an animal on TV that looks the same as your pet; you see your pet out of the corner of your eye; shapes and colours on rocks, leaves, or mountainsides that resemble your pet. I had one cat tell me that when she passed, she would appear back in “dances in light”. Weeks later, the person told me that there was an odd reflection in the glass of the patio door directly above where the transitioned cat used to lie in the sun. The remaining cat in the household was transfixed. There the transitioned cat was – dancing in the light.
    6.2 AUDIO – anything that you can hear. You might hear songs with words that just strike something deep inside you; you might hear their claws tapping across a wooden floor or up the stairs; you might hear their collar tag jingling; you might hear them snoring or breathing; you might even hear a distant bark or meow. Trust your gut, trust your hearing!
    6.3 TOUCH – this one doesn’t happen very often as the animals are conscious that it might freak their people out, but people HAVE felt their animals walk alongside them, or brush up against them.
    6.4 SMELL – yup, the good and the bad. Some people have smelled not only their animals, but their bedding, their food, and yes, sometimes even the smell of gas/wind.
    6.5 REINCARNATION – sometimes, not always, but sometimes an animal will tell me that they will be back. Sometimes they come back as the same species, sometimes they come back as a different species. I read for a client once whose cat had passed and one of the things the cat told me was ‘brown fluffy thing’. Now bearing in mind, that when we’d asked the transitions cat to describe their surroundings, the client stated, “Oh gosh, that sounds like my back yard” but we didn’t suspect anything until I told the client “brown fluffy thing” – then the penny dropped. There had been a chipmunk visiting her recently who acted SO tame – it would run up onto the back porch and jump up onto the table where the lady was writing on her laptop, and would sit with her for ages. After the reading, the client realised that the cat had reincarnated as the chipmunk!!
  7. How can you connect with your animal in spirit?
    We are ALL energetic beings, that’s how Reiki works, how animal communication works and psychic readings work. We all have an energy, a resonance and this is how anyone and anything can connect to…well…anyone and anything! This resonance exists beyond the physical realm which is how I am able to connect with animals after they have passed and how you can too.
    First, remember that connecting with anything energetically requires a quiet, focused mind and not one that is a) frantic b) emotional c) angry or any other vibration-lowering emotion and d) egotistical.
    7.1 Find a quiet, calm place. Put on some peaceful music if you like.
    7.2 Calm your breathing by breathing in for 4 seconds, holding it for 4 seconds and then breathing out for 4 seconds. Repeat for as long as you need to in order to feel calm.
    7.3 Using either a photo of your pet, or an image of them in your mind’s eye, start at the top of their head and imagine the feel of their fur/hair. What does it feel like to stroke the top of their head, their ears, the sides of their face, their necks, their chest, their back, their tummy. REALLY focus on what it feels like so that it feels real. This might be difficult at first, but keep going.
    7.4 Once you have that sensation of their fur/hair, try and remember how they smelled. When you held them close and buried your nose into their fur, what did it smell like? Sweet? Grassy? Keep going until you can hold that smell.
    7.5 Whilst holding onto the feeling and the smell, I now want you to remember noises that they made. Was it a bark or whine, a meow or chirrup, a tweet or neigh? What sound did it make?
    7.6 Then think immediately of how you felt when you heard that noise. Did your heart expand with love? How did you FEEL when you were with them? Allow yourself to fully experience this even though it might hurt, go with it.
    7.7 Then imagine all those feelings, those feelings of love, respect, care, and value, imagine them all packaged in a beautiful box. Decorate that box in your mind’s eye however you wish, but know that what it contains is something precious that means the world to you.
    7.8 Now comes the tough part so hang on in there…. I want you to now imagine your animal in front of you, imagine the feel of them, the smell, the sound, imagine them in front of you. Now I want you, in your mind’s eye, to give them the box with the intention of expressing how much love you have for them, and ask them, either in your head or out loud, for them to give you a gift back.
    7.9 The FIRST thing that pops into your head, no matter HOW weird, will come from them. Trust your gut and know that they gave it to you. Don’t worry about interpreting it, or trying to make sense of it. The most valuable conversations I have had with animals are when I haven’t tried to interpret them, just accept the gift. If you don’t understand, you can ask for clarification. Don’t be disappointed with it, just express your gratitude and ask for its meaning. Then wait and again, trust the first thing that comes into your head.
  8. If you get nothing visual, try to LISTEN in case your message is coming via the auditory route. Try to smell and see if the message is coming through THAT way. If you don’t experience anything, please don’t worry, it doesn’t mean they AREN’T there, just that you haven’t learnt their language. In that case, just simply just ask that they be with you and provide you with some comfort.
A little ginger kitten with angel wings and a halo

I hope that these tips help you all in some way. Of course, you can always click here and I’d be happy to talk to your animals on your behalf

But always remember, your animal is okay, they won’t forget you, and they will always pop by to see you.

Stay on the lookout – you might surprise yourself by what you see.


  1. “Until one has loved an animal,
    a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

    -Anatole France

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