Do you have an elderly animal?

Are you scared of making ‘that’ decision?

Are you filled with guilt and emotion about it?

Are you consumed with thoughts about whether it’s the wrong or right thing?

In light of my recent post about my mother passing away suddenly, I’m pleading with you, let me:

💫 Tell your animal just how much they mean to you BEFORE they transition

💫 Ask your animal how it feels about transitioning BEFORE it does

💫 Ask your animal how it feels about you helping it transition BEFORE it does

💫 Ask it if it has any special requests BEFORE it goes

💫 Ask it what it wants, or needs BEFORE it goes

Your animal passing away is going to rip a furry-sized hole in your heart, so make sure you have done ALL you need to do BEFORE they go.

Because living with regret AND grief is heavy going and whilst I CAN talk to animals in spirit, it’s NOW that you need to say these things.

Now …

BEFORE they go.

Talking to them in this way will allow your animals to pass with a light heart.

And YOUR grieving heart, will know you did your best. ♥️