January 22nd is “Answer your cat’s questions Day”.

We all know our animals have questions for us, and because cats are notoriously distant and often fiercely independant, if we knew what questions they had for us, we’d love to answer them, right?

What do you think they’d ask? Do you think they’d ask why they can’t eat your plants? Or perhaps why they can’t drink more milk? Maybe they want to know why you scream when they scratch the sofa, but not their scratching post?

I held a small competition on my social media channels to celebrate this cat-focused national day.

I asked my contacts and followers what questions THEY thought their cat would ask. Then I collected all the entries, chose FIVE finalists, then held a poll asking the public to choose which one they thought was the best.

It was so much fun with questions popping up from both LinkedIn AND Facebook, and many questions were laughed at, and agreed with, by other cat owners.

A blue-eyed cream cat looks directly at the camera

I thought I’d do a blog post so that everyone can see all the questions in one place. Have a read and see what YOU think of the questions. Do you think YOUR cat would ask questions similar to these:

  • Where have you been??? Bed empty, no note, car gone. You could have died then who would feed me?
  • Why on earth have you adopted that new dog – he is a total yob?!!!!!!
  • Why can’t we have canned food for every meal?
  • Why do they blame me for everything that falls down suspiciously in our house? I’m an Angel 😇
  • Why do you leave me for so long in the care of the neighbor lady that smells like lots of different animals?
  • Why can’t we go in those 2 rooms ?
  • Why do you have so much STUFF ??
  • Why can only 1 of us sit on your lap at one time ?
  • Why won’t you share your food with us ?? We don’t want you to get fat !
  • Why do I have to sit and wait for this fresh water, when all the other cats have a water filter?
  • I think my cats would ask why I torment them with multiple fish tanks all over the house…
  • Why don’t you let me climb the blinds at 3am?
  • Why do you keep using your hands for things other than stroking and playing with me?
  • Why won’t you continue to scratch me by my tail even when I ask nicely?
  • Why don’t I get a treat when I give kitty cuddles?
  • Why does it take you SO long to feed me?
  • Why can’t I go into that room?
  • Why are you awake so much?
  • What are those silver, shiny appendages you use to eat?
  • When are you going to feed me next?
  • Why do you get rid of the presents of dead mice and birds we bring you?
  • Why, oh why… I was the only cat for 11 years and now you have another 6! They drive me nuts. Why did you do this to me?
  • Why do your feet stink sometimes, and why do I like it so much?
  • Why buy me loads of thing to scratch on, but shout at me when I scratch the sofa?
  • Why won’t Mom just TELL these other cats that *I* AM THE FAVORITE???

Aren’t they all fabulous ? I did giggle at so many of them. Having 6 cats myself, I know I can relate to quite a few of these questions.

Living in the rural countryside, we often enter the kitchen in the morning to discover ‘gifts’ so I DID laugh when I read someone’s question was “Why do you get rid of the presents of dead mice and birds we bring you?” Because of course, that’s what we do – we get rid of them. In our case, because you don’t know which cat brought the gift, we praise them all, and deposit the soon-to-be-decaying animal outside. Inevitably, it’s gone the next day so I know that nature has gone full circle.

A white cat yawning but looking like it's screaming

When I conduct an animal communication session, I’m generally the one asking the questions, HOWEVER, I always give the animal a chance to have their say at the end, and, quite often animals share more information than I ask for, simply because they have been given the space and opportunity, to talk.

You know how it feels when you meet some people, and before you know it, you feel like you’re sharing all sorts of things about your life and it’s because you feel safe, you feel ‘heard’, and you feel you can trust the person.

It’s the same with the communication session. They’d had a chance to explain a whole host of emotions, memories and behaviours so when they’re asked if they’d like to share anything further, they feel safe to do so.

I believe animal communication helps give animals a voice, it helps them feel heard and seen. And we all know how valuable that can be.

Contact me if you’d like to give YOUR animal (cat, dog, horse and any other animal) a chance to be heard and a chance to share things that perhaps you didn’t know. Or simply head to this page to purchase your session.

See you next time,